Current Skin Care Must Haves!

When it comes to skin care its quite easy to say I am addicted to buying and trying new products! From scrubs, cleansers, creams and toners…I have a draw full of them all. There are a few products I love and always re-buy but I am constantly switching the products I use on a daily basis. So here are 3 of my current favs and why I am using them!

  1. Pixi – T-Zone Peel-Off Mask



This little tube leaves my skin feeling fresh and clear! Not to mention it is a peel off which is a huge bonus. ‘This detoxifying mask draws out impurities and peels off to reveal immediate results’. Now I don’t know about you but black heads are my nemesis especially the stubborn ones (hundreds) that do not want to leave my chin or nose! Anyways, I’m not going to say this mask leaves me blackhead free but after using the mask 1-2 times a week for a few weeks I can completely see the difference! My pores are smaller and the black heads have decreased, but of course after a fatty meal, or a week missed the black heads are back! (Anyone have a miracle treatment for blackheads)? However the fact that this mask does not give me Jorja Smith skin, I will still always re-buy this little tube of sticky goodness. I am not going to say £18 is cheap for a mask but it is definitely cheaper than some. This mask is practical and effective, with its peel off formula you can continue with whatever your doing without worrying about the mess your going to make when trying to take it off, and of course after the 10-12 minutes you have left it on, you will be left with smooth, fresh and happy skin! Thank me later, I have left a link where you can go and purchase the mask yourself, also available on other websites too!

2. Garnier – Refreshing Botanical Toner


This little bottle of joy is new to my skin care routine but it is here to stay! I’ve always been confused over toners. What are they for? Do they work? Now, still I am not really sure what this toner does either! However I really love the way it makes my skin feel hydrated and ready for the day! Also, I don’t wear make-up on a daily basis, purely because I enjoy my sleep way to much to wake up a little bit earlier to make the effort (I know terrible)! Continuing…on them no make up days I carry this around with me, alongside some cotton pads and refresh my face whenever I feel like it! I think in the summer this will be something I do a lot! This toner is made up of ‘96% natural origin ingredients’ including Aloe extract which is amazing as Aloe consists of two hormones Auxin and Gibberellins which help reduce inflamed skin, which is brilliant for me as my skin loves to go bright red when a new spot/blemish arrives! Not to mention this toner also removes make-up so its a win win for all! Once again, I have left a link for you to purchase.


3. Doublebase Gel


Finally, my holy grail of creams. I came across this product in my bathroom as I believe my dad uses it for his Psoriasis, and his doctor prescribed it! Basically, I had extremely dry skin around my nose and eyebrows and no cream was helping me until I discovered this! It is a very oily consistency (therefore may not be great for people who have more oily skin) and glides smoothly onto skin, but if I use too much, then I will be left feeling shiny and oily all day so a little goes along way with this product! It is also a great base for foundation if your looking for that flawless look! In these cold winter months the Doublebase Gel is perfect but I believe when it comes to the warmer months I may need to change my daily facial cream as that is when my skin likes to produce more natural oils! So, if you would like to purchase this cream because your experiencing something like me or you may have Psoriasis or Eczema then please visit the link I have provided or possible visit your local chemist!


Thats that! Skin care is always trial and error and I tend to not be too disheartened when a product I buy ends up being a complete waste of money! Not all things do what they say they do and on the other hand, everyone’s skin is different and some products that don’t work for me…you may LOVE!

Please let me know what skin care products you love in the comments! 🙂

Welcome to Something Pretty…

Welcome to Something Pretty…

Finally, my first blog post…I suppose I should begin by introducing myself but lets skip that part and go straight into what ‘Something Pretty’ is all about!

Over the past couple years I have considered writing a blog but have always talked myself out of it by telling myself ‘there isn’t any point’ and ‘no one will ever read it’. Until two days ago when I was sitting at work, staring into my computer screen when I decided I don’t think there would be a better time to start my blog then now! (The reason why, I will get into another time). So a few hours later, multiple break downs trying to figure out how to create the ‘pretty blog’ I pictured in my head and here I am.

So, what will ‘Something Pretty’ consist of? Ideally, posts about everything and anything. Travel, food, beauty, lifestyle, discussions, advice, products and objects I love…my options are open, which is why I haven’t restricted my blog to one thing e.g. ‘Food blog’ because I really don’t know what is to come for ‘Something Pretty’.

Excited! Probably the one word I can use for this new adventure. I cannot wait to get into the swing of blog writing, uploading consistent content and much, much more. I am looking forward to learning the ropes and hopefully watching ‘Something Pretty’ grow! I have so many ideas for posts, I just want to get them up now! Anyway’s I guess thats about it for now. If you’re reading this, Thank you!